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Smart roads are key for autonomous driving – challenge will be to overcome the chicken-egg-problem

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

A research project in China has evaluated the impact of intelligent infrastructure on autonomous driving. Combining intelligent roads and intelligent vehicles into an integrated, fully intelligent transportation system leveraging connected car as well as infrastructure data will allow such systems to reach unparalleled levels of safety and efficiency.

Major challenge to implement such integrated solutions is less the technology but more to get buy in from and alignment of all stakeholders (road operators, municipalities, vehicle manufacturers etc.) which are required to build such vast systems whose promised benefits will come only after it has been completed.

While some automotive players will have to give up their concept of vehicle-only autonomous driving, authorities need to proactively roll out smart infrastructure even if few vehicles will have the necessary technology on-board in the beginning. And policy makers will have to play a more stringent facilitator and orchestrator role to set the stage (technology standards, legal framework etc.) to bring these promising next-generation ITS systems to life.

This article provides further insights about this interesting project and its results.

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