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The trend towards GNSS-based “open marketplace” tolling schemes in Europe

Starting with the HU-GO truck tolling system in Hungary in 2013 there are more and more European countries implementing a national truck tolling scheme based on an “open marketplace model”.

After Hungary also Bulgaria and Poland started to operate national truck tolling schemes based on a service provider model and lately Switzerland and the Netherlands announced plans to collect truck toll leveraging 3rd-party service providers.

In an article in the latest issue of ITS International I’d like to bring some light into the trend towards tolling systems which based on the “open market model” and answer the question what this trend means for the tolling industry as well as for fleet and other mobility service providers. Finally, I give my perspective whether we can expect to see such systems in other parts of the world.

Here you can download a PDF of the article:

Download PDF • 2.33MB

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