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ITS Market Consolidation

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Last week Quarterhill announced to take over Texas-based Electronic Transaction Consultants for 150 Mio USD further expanding its ITS portfolio after the acquisition of IRD in 2017. The same week, Rekor Systems closed the take over of Waycare. Earlier this year, we saw Verra Mobility taking over Redflex, Iteris to acquire TrafficCast, Via to buy Remix, Citilog to join TagMaster and Yunex (still part of Siemens) taking over Aldridge Traffic Controllers.

These are just four examples of recent M&A activities in the ITS industry and we can expect to see further transactions going to happen over the next 12-24 months. And while some of these samples are rather small transactions the size of targets and transaction values may significantly increase as some of the ITS top tier players like Yunex and Cubic preparing for PE-backed growth strategies. Such players will likely drive market consolidation in the near future leaving some of their peers behind them.

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