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More and more cities consider a pricing-based access scheme for regulating and managing traffic

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

For a long time city tolling and congestion charging has been refused by city governments. Still today there are huge political debates whenever municipalities consider to introduce some sort of access regulation for road users in their city centers.

However, more and more cities deploy access restrictions to cope with congestion and to fight poor air quality and climate change. As of today, only in Europe there are more than 350 access schemes most of them in Italy (100+), Germany (70+) and the UK (35+).

While most of those schemes are general access restrictions for all vehicles or for vehicles with high emission engines there is an increasing number of cities deploying systems where road users have to pay when entering the city.

The attached world map shows cities which either have already a pricing-based access scheme in place or municipalities which are planning or seriously considering the introduction of such schemes. The map has been created based on own research and the one or the other city may miss but still it shows that there is an increasing number of city governments around the globe which see some form of road pricing as the way to go when managing and regulating traffic.

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