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Asian ITS companies start to conquer the world

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Singapore Technologies (STE) announced that the company has entered into an agreement to take-over of Transcore, the #1 vendor of tolling and ITS solutions in North America.

Although the valuation seems to be rather high (2.68bn USD) the acquisition will allow STE to expand its ITS activities into western markets. It will be interesting to see whether other Asian ITS players (Mitsubishi, Toshiba etc.) will follow this example as it seems to be difficult for Asian players to expand into North America and Europe organically.

Given the fact that Transcore is currently delivering the congestion charging system for New York City the take-over will allow STE not only to grow internationally but also to position itself at the forefront of the expected wave of congestion charging projects we will likely see all around the world in the next couple of years driven by increasing traffic problems as well as environmental pressure most large cities are facing.

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