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GO Consulting is helping ITS vendors, mobility solution providers, the automotive industry, mobility startups and financial investors with strategy consulting, market research, innovation management, business development and investment assistance in the fields of intelligent transport systems (ITS), connected vehicles/V2X and mobility solutions and services.

The ITS & mobility 
landscape is undergoing 
massive change 

The need to make mobility more sustainable, change user behavior, advance technologies, create new business models, as well as develop new options for how people can travel from place to place are some of drivers leading to massive change in the entire mobility landscape.

Connected cars, mobility-as-a-service (MaaS), smart infrastructure, autonomous driving, shared mobility, demand management and connected vehicles are all examples how the world of mobility and traffic has changed in the past few years.

These changes have massive effects on transportation-industry stakeholders. New, large players are entering the market, startups with new ideas and technologies are emerging, and new forms of ecosystems and partnerships are being built, while some of the established players are dropping out or are being consolidated.

This new environment comes with opportunities as well as risks. Both established companies and new players need to properly position themselves. Strategies and practices need to be challenged and reworked based on fresh thinking and openness to innovation, in order to best leverage the opportunities this new era of mobility presents. This is where GO Consulting can help.

Drivers changing the ITS and mobility landscape:


New User  Behavior 

  • Green thinking

  • Sharing economy

  • Users are 'always on'

  • Digital services are part of daily life

GO Consulting: 
A compass in the changing world of ITS and mobility 

GO Consulting is helping stakeholders in the fields of ITS, mobility and connected cars to shape their future strategy, to work on new, innovative products, to establish new partnerships, or to search for investment opportunities. In addition, GO is helping new market entrants to search for business opportunities in the future-oriented mobility space. 

With our extensive experience, our profound knowledge of intelligent transport systems, mobility solutions and connected cars, as well as our broad global overview about the market environment including the fast growing ‘jungle’ of mobility startups, GO functions as a ‘compass’, supporting strategy projects, innovation programs, growth initiatives or mergers and acquisition activities with expert knowhow and a neutral outside-in perspective.   

In addition, GO can support in the execution of programs and initiatives and by providing hands-on support in implementation projects until they have been fully transferred to the respective operational teams.

GO Consulting
Intelligent Transport Systems

GO’s fields of expertise 

Not only does GO Consulting have excellent high-level knowledge of all areas of the ITS, mobility and connected car markets, gained from experience over the past 20+ years, it also has  particular deep-level insight into the specific areas of electronic toll-collection systems, advanced traffic management systems, road-safety enforcement systems, integrated mobility management, smart-parking solutions, mobility-as-a-service solutions, mobility payment services, V2X (vehicle-to-everything) solutions, and fleet-management systems.

Electronic Toll Collection


Toll Collection 

Advanced Traffic Management

Advanced Traffic Management




Integrated Mobility Management

Integrated Mobility Management

Connected Cars



Smart Parking



Road Safety



Fleet Management




GO Services 

GO supports ITS and mobility stakeholders with market research, strategy development, innovation and product management support, business development support, interim management, investment assistance, and temporary projects requiring an experienced and knowledgeable person for a limited amount of time. 

Market Research:

  • Situation and trends

  • Market segments

  • Market sizing (incl. forecasts)

  • Vendor landscape and 

  • profiling

  • Competitive environment

  • Business models and value chains

  • Pricing models and margins

  • Regional differences / specifics

  • Entry barriers

Strategy Development:

  • Self assessment (SWOT etc.

  • Vision development and target setting

  • Development of strategic options 

  • Strategy definition (business model, value proposition, ...)

  • Business planning / business case

  • Go-to-market planning

  • Risk assessment / success factors

  • Execution plan development

Innovation Management:

  • Identification of search fields

  • Idea creation, evaluation and filtering 

  • Product concept

  • Business planning

  • Execution planning

  • Planning and supporting of innovation programs (e.g. innovation camps)

  • Startup scouting

Product Management:

  • Portfolio analysis 

  • Product strategy

  • Product business planning

  • Determine buy/build/partner decisions ('make or buy')

  • Market requirements definition

  • Go-to-market planning 

  • Planning and supporting of product marketing measures

  • Planning and supporting of sales enabling activities

Business Development:

  • Market screening

  • Initiation of contacts to potential partners and customers

  • Relationship building

Investment Assistance:

  • Market screening for VCs (venture capital) and PEs (private equity)

  • Vendor profiling and target search

  • Investment strategy development

  • Due diligence support

Interim Management:

  • Establish new organizational units

  • Interim management of units 

Special Projects:

  • Planning and running special projects requiring experts temporarly ('rent and expert')

Although GO is just a small, boutique consulting firm, with limited resources, we can staff bigger projects or bring in professionals for specific topics due to a broad network to other consulting companies and senior ITS and mobility industry experts. With these partners GO can provide tailor-made project teams to best fulfill customer demand and to ensure optimal project outcomes.

How ITS and mobility stakeholders can benefit from GO 

GO’s mission is to help customers navigate through the dynamic world of ITS and mobility, to make the right decisions that will help to best position and grow their business. 

We aim to support vendors of ITS and mobility solutions, mobility service providers, automotive players, mobility startups, and investors with our experience of the industry, solutions and products, in order to help them find their winning place in the market. 

Automotive Industry


  • Get support in better understanding the ITS and mobility landscape

  • Better understand ITS and mobility solutions

  • Develop a ‘connected ITS services’ strategy

  • Design connected ITS services

  • Identify relevant partners from the ITS and mobility industry


GO Consulting e.U.

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1160 Vienna


Phone:  +43 (0) 660 14 22222



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